Star Skate

Figure Skating Programs


Winter: September 2018 - April 2019


Competition Simulation Date

Sectionals Skaters - October 26th Simulation Date (DOWNLOAD)

Program Assistants (PAs)

Winter 2018/2019 - Program Assistant Training Clinics (DOWNLOAD)

Winter 2018/2019 - NEW Program Assistant Information  Meeting (DOWNLOAD)

Winter 2018/2019 - September 26th SIMULATION DAY (DOWNLOAD)


General Information

Winter 2018/2019 - Critical September Schedule Changes (DOWNLOAD)

Winter 2018/2019 - DRAFT Schedule (DOWNLOAD)

*** updated *** Winter 2018/2019 - StarSkate Calendar of Events (DOWNLOAD) *** updated ***


***Program Criteria Note***

The Director of Operations has final approval of skaters and program cirieria.

The Director of Operations may, at his sole discrection, move skaters into programs whom may not otherwise meet qualifications for coaching needs.



Noralta Skating Club

P.O. Box 5343

Fort McMurray, AB

T9H 3G4

(780) 791-4674