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Hello Skating Families!

It's Cathie and Natasha, your friendly raffle coordinators!  We have an "ask".  It's not a huge one, but it is important. 

2020 has certainly been interesting ... and stressful and frustrating.  Thankfully there have also been moments of joy; especially when our children are able to get out on the ice and do what they love to do!

Ben, Tania, Lynn and the Board have been working hard to mitigate the impact on our skaters (and our wallets!).  Safety is the number one priority, and the Club is at the mercy of Alberta's Chief Medical Officer of Health, our government, and Skate Canada (Alberta). However, there are still bills to pay. 

As you know, the Club counts on our fundraising. Fundraising ia a necessity for most youth sports, and Figure Skating is certainly no exception. The two biggest costs for the Club are ice rental and wages, so the funds raised are necessary to help keep the cost for our families down. We cannot stress how very important fundraising is now.  Without the recreation programs, and with less skaters on the ice at one time, the Club is losing money.

So , here we are ... We still need to fundraise.  However, we want to make sure our children are not going door-to-door to sell raffle tickets during the pandemic, so we have moved to an online raffle.

It is a 50/50 draw.  The profit on this is not as good as it was with the door-to-door ticket sales, but we feel this is the safest option at this time.

Here's the ask:  Please send this link to your friends and family in Alberta.  Put it on your Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram.  The more it is shared, the better our chances are of selling out!  The winner could take home up to $5,000 ... BEFORE Christmas! ! If you could promote the raffle on your social media each week from now until December 13th, it will maximize the amount of money won AND the profit for the Club!  Of course, you are welcome to buy tickets for your chance to win!




In appreciation,
Cathie Langmead & Natasha Sinnicks
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